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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday 13 ~ Week 6 Edition F ~ On Friday again!

Well, here we are with F! I can't get around the fact that this is already the 6th week of my Thursday 13 posts! We have had another hectic day around here so hopefully will get the post out before midnight! Tommie was home sick from school today. He has had a persistant cough the last few days and not feeling 100 percent. I took him to the doctor and good thing I did because he has bronchitis and got put on an antibiotic. So we will have to see if this makes the rounds to everyone or not. Abbie was already fighting a cold last week so there must be some germs floating around somewhere. I am armed with my can of Lysol and Clorox wipes at all times! I figure I am going to struggle a little with our friend F but will give it my best shot. And you know what usually happens to me in the day or two after my alphabetical Thursday 13's? I think of so many other great words I could have used!

1. Fundoplication ~ Joey had this surgery in January 2008 to help with his constant reflux problems. It worked! He went from taking 3 meds per day and vomiting every other night to hardly any problems now and only 1 med every other day. WhoooHoooo!

2. Friday ~ My favorite day of the week next to Saturday. Although sometimes I am really glad when Monday comes around again. Also it is the day I am putting out this week's Thursday 13 even though I had good intentions and started it yesterday. :o)

3. Foundation ~ I am continually grateful for the CdLS Foundation and all the hard work they do helping our kiddos every day.

4. Forensic Files ~ One of my favorite shows. It's on the TruTV network. It's mostly re-runs but I enjoy the mysteries and how they solve the crimes. Maybe I should have been a CSI. ;o)

5. Favorite ~ I've used it twice already in this post and realized hey ~ I can use that for an F word! One of Joey's favorite things to do is play his pianos.

6. Friends ~ I am very thankful for all the friends we have made through our journey with Joey and Cornelia de Lange Syndrome.

7. French toast ~ A winner around our house!

8. Fast ~ Joey does this cute knee walking thing and man oh man is he fast! When he walks I think he will be really speedy!

9. Fourth of July ~ Sorry to all you fans of the fourth out there but this is my least favorite holiday.

10. Four ~ The current ages of Joey and Emma. Emma turned 4 on March 14 and Joey is 4 (until Sunday and the big 5!). We have a 6 week span between their birthdays where they are the same age for awhile.

11. Five ~ The number of children we have. Hey ~ F isn't turning out to be as hard as I thought!

12. Farm ~ I grew up on a farm. My dad was farmer and I've layed many an irrigation pipe, drove many tractors, and fed many cows.

13. Fanion ~ Our random F word for this week. By definition, fanion is a small flag used by surveyors or soldiers to mark a position &/or a small flag sometimes carried at the head of the baggage of a brigade.

This has been fantastically fun! Come around next week for our grand get-together with G!


  1. Great post! I like these kind of posts because they help you get to know each other better.
    Hugs, sandy

  2. Lovely list! Once you get going the words really just seem to come. The close ages of Emma and Joey is kinda fun, for 6 weeks it's like you have twins. lol! Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

  3. you did great with F!
    Sorry for the sickness, that cough is making its rounds - I hope it stays away from my house, but kids at daycare were out for it today...so guess what will hit our house this weekend :-(

    I thought for sure since you didn't post until Friday you would make it the Friday 14 :-)

  4. I hope Joey has a great birthday!!

    What is it about the 4th of July that you don't like?


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