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Sunday, April 5, 2009

April showers bring...Easter egg hunt and snow?

I know we live in Nebraska, but c'mon Mother Nature! Give us a break! It's April for crying out loud! Now that I got that out of my system here are some pics from the Easter egg hunt we went to yesterday. Joey stayed home with big brother John. He would have hated every minute of it. It was a combination of 3 of his very least favorite things ~ wind, cold, and more wind. It would also spit a few raindrops now then then for added comfort. We were in a big blizzard warning last night. Highways and interstate roads were closed and no travel recommended. It started sleeting last night and the wind was howling. Not sure what time the snow started but we lost power about 2am. And of course, with no electricity, something triggered the girls to wake up. Fun. That got Tommie up and he was bound and determined to call the electric company to get them to our house ASAP. He went around with my 1 lone candle I have (candles are no-no's in our house for several little reasons) flipping light switches. The lights came back about 4:30am and we definately knew it cause all the switches were on. John and Joey slept through the whole thing and this morning we woke up to ice and snow covered trees and streets. Now at post time, it is still windy and cold but the sun peeks out once in awhile. Perfect day to stay indoors ~ just the 7 of us! Yep, just the 7 of us! It sure is cozy ~ yep, just the 7 of us! All day! Yippee! Enjoy the pics!

Abbie and I ~ pre egg hunt

Emma and Tommie waiting for the hunt

Daddy and Abbie ~ you can see how hard the wind was blowing by the ribbons on the egg pole

All the eggs ~ how eggsciting!!

Emma ~ off and running!

Abbie rocked! This was her first hunt and she got a ton of eggs!

Emma and the Energizer Bunny?

Tommie helped the girls check out their loot...

This was my snow plastered kitchen window this morning ~ couldn't see out the north windows of the house!

The bushes covered with ice and snow ~

If anyone who is reading this and you are someplace warm and sunny I am so jealous!


  1. Wow, that is chilly! I know it has snowed from time to time on Easter, but that usually is when easter is earlier in the season.


    Our egg hunt was a big dud. Love the photos!

  2. It's overcast and a bit drizzly here today, but certainly warmer than what you've got. Although that snow and ice sure does look pretty!
    The kids look so cute and like they had a great time!!!!!!!!! Isn't it funny that they just scatter eggs on the ground and that's considered a "hunt"?

    Justine :o )

  3. You were brave!! After attending Madeline's soccer game that morning I avoided the hunt like the plague!! It looks like they were enjoying it in spite of the weather.

  4. Looks like you all had fun at the easter egg hunt. I love the pictures of the snow. Down here in Texas the temperature was about 85 degrees on Saturday but then we got some of that cold air and today the high is only supposed to be in the mid 60's. Spring and fall are our nicest times of the year for weather. I do wish we had some snow but maybe not in April :)


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