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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday 13 ~ Week 5 Edition "E"

I am going to go out on a limb and say that I might actually get my Thursday 13 post done at a decent time today. Of course, the minute I say that somebody around here will cry, fall down, want something to eat or drink, break something , get their hair pulled, need a ride to or picked up from somewhere. I will admit I am a little apprehensive about the letter E ~ we will have to see what comes about! Here we go...

1. Evaluations ~ Joey has had his fair share. Doctors, specialists, therapists, teachers ~ you name 'em, he's probably been evaluated by 'em.

2. Escalators ~ I don't like them. I will ride them, but I hate the getting on/getting off part. I am always afraid I will fall.

3. Eggs ~ We colored 4 dozen for Easter. We won't be craving hard boiled eggs for quite awhile.

4. Emma ~ Our 4 year old daughter. Her full name is Emmaletha Mae. She is named for Shawn's great grandma named Emma, my Grandma named Letha, and Shawn's Grandma Mae. They all passed away prior to Emma's birth.

5. Eveready ~ Batteries. You can get 4 of them in any size at Walmart for like 94 cents. So not worth it. They run out of power in like an hour. Definately have to go with Duracell. I apologize to anyone reading this who may work for the Eveready battery company.

6. Episode ~ I rarely get to watch an episode of a TV show at its regularly scheduled time. Thank goodness for DVR!!

7. Edward ~ Joey's middle name. His great grandpa on Shawn's side was named Edward. He passed away when Joey was about 2.

8. Express ~ Joey is learning new ways to communicate and express himself. He can use PECS and is working on using a Mighty Mo.

9. Equine ~ Joey will be starting his 3rd season of horseback riding therapy soon. We can't wait!

10. Education ~ All 5 of the kids will be off to get their educations this fall. John to 10th grade, Tommie to 8th grade, Joey to kindergarten, and Emma and Abbie off to preschool. Oh, what's a mother to do? Ummmmm....I'm sure I can find something.

11. Ewwwwwww! ~ Usually followed by Mom, I can't change a stinky diaper!

12. Energy ~ I wish I had half the kid's energy. Where do they get it?

13. Ebullient ~ Our E word of the week. It means boiling up or over; hence manifesting exhilaration or excitement, as of feeling; effervescing.

Come back next week for our fabulous friend ~ the letter F!


  1. I'm not a huge fan of escalators either. However, I don't know of many places where i would use one...

    I hope you will enjoy your "free time" this fall when the kids are all in school. Maybe you should plan to eat bon bons or something. ;)

  2. Apparently I loved elevators as a child but was deathly afraid of escalators. They still make my stomach jump getting on them.

    Babies understand that stairs just should not move! But the adult in me knows that at least if I'm on an escalator and it stops I won't be stuck for days and have to consider eating the other passangers. *grin*

    Happy TT


  3. I love this idea, Rachelle! It's so fun. I'm a huge fan of lists. Nerdy, I know.

    So what is PECS? I've read about it in messages on the yahoo group but I'm not sure I know what it is or how it works. Is it some type of electronic communication system?

    Also, when did Joey start horseback riding therapy? I would LOVE to get Hope into that one day. Before she was born (when we were sure she had CdLS) I told Joel I really wanted to move to the country & sign Hope up for horseback riding because I'd read how much CdLS kids love it. We'll do it one of these days.

    Have a great weekend! Can't wait to read your F post!

  4. Such a fun post! I love how Emma and Joey's names are connected to relatives. It is great that Joey is learning the PECS system. Jacob will only use sign but we used PECS for a few years with my son who has Autism. I love #10 and can't wait for that day. Looking forward to read your F post.

  5. Fantastic list! Sorry it's taken me nearly a week to get to it! I really like the meaning behind the kids names too, so sweet! And I really wish I had energy like my kids too!!

  6. Maureen ~ PECS stands for Picture Exchange Communication System. It is not electronic and Joey uses a picture to show what he wants. There are several different pictures ~ all pre printed and you can use your own too ~ and the idea is to pick the picture of the item he wants and give to us, his teacher, or whoever. They have velcro on the back and there are roughly 6 steps to learning the process. He can use a sentence strip and hopefully someday go get the book himself to communicate his needs. He is in the last stages of the learning process and seems to understand the concept well. As for horseback therapy ~ it is wonderful. This will be Joey's 3rd season and it really helps his balance and trunk strength. He started just after he turned 3 years old. It has help him progress in his abilities tremendously. We travel about 45 miles each week for his sessions but it is well worth it. I definately suggest finding out if there is a place in your area. Hope this helps you out!


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