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Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Joey....

Five years ago today, a beautiful baby boy entered our lives. We named him Joey. We took him home, loved him, fed him, changed him, bathed him and cared for him with all our hearts. We also began to learn all we could about something we had never heard of before ~ Cornelia de Lange Syndrome. Joey, you have endured countless blood tests, scans, ultrasounds, doctor appointments, surgeries, procedures, pokes, prods, exams and therapies. And you have emerged triumphant. We are so proud that you are our son, brother, nephew, cousin and grandson. You have learned so much and taught all of us so much more. Thank you God for letting us see a side of life that we might not otherwise have known. It is a beautiful life, full of many rewards and blessings. Happy Birthday dear, dear Joey.

This one's for you Pookie...with love from Mommy...

Love Will Surround You

He may never say he loves you
But you know what's in his heart
From the moment his eyes found you
It was love right from the start.
The joys that he will bring
Will be more than just a few
His kiss, his laugh, his sweet, sweet smile
His emotions will be true.
God has chosen to give you
The best gift you will ever receive
The path may seem hard right now
But in Him you must believe.
The happy times and good memories
Will far outweigh the bad
The wondrous pride and love you'll feel
Will keep you from being sad.
Seek comfort and support
These things you'll surely need
Show your strength, love and joy
To curious passers-by pay no heed.
The love that will surround you
Will be more than you've ever known
Love this baby as much as you can
Because now you are truly home.

Getting ready to come home...

Tommie and Joey...

Our beautiful baby boy...

John and Joey...

He loved his bouncy seat...

Joey and I at his baby shower when he was about 2 weeks old...

His newest picture...where has the time gone?


  1. Happy Birthday Joey!

    What a beautiful post! I enjoyed the poem and all the photos. :)

  2. happy birthday joey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    love the poem... brought me to tears! :)

  3. ps the pictures are wonderful!

  4. Happy birthday, Joey!!!!!!! Ooh, I love that new pic of him!!!!!!

    Justine :o )

  5. how fun!!!! it is hard to imagine those family pictures without the two girls!! what a big day for the family...happy birthday Joey!!

  6. beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Happy Birthday Joey!

  7. I'm a little late with this but HAPPY B'DAY, JOEY! I hope you had a fantastic day.

    Your poem was beautiful. I got misty-eyed, too!

  8. Happy Birthday Little Man!!!
    Love Staci and Vinny

  9. Happy Birthday Joey!!!! Sorry I'm late with this! Beautiful poem Rachelle, it brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  10. Happy Birthday!!!. Those are great pics. Those big bros have always been so pround and have every right to be!

  11. Happy Birthday Joey!!!! What a great birthday post. I love the pictures!!! The poem is beautiful.


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