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Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter highlights....And another reason my husband is a dork

We hope everyone had a happy and blessed Easter filled with family, friends, and good memories. We had a nice weekend...a little hectic as with any activity or holiday is with our crew. On Friday night, the girls and I went with some friends to see the new Hannah Montana movie. Now, I don't know much about Hannah Montana and/or Miley Cyrus and neither do the girls but it sounded like something fun to do. Abbie had never been to a movie in the theater before and this was only Emma's second one. I will say I was a little apprehensive about seeing a Hannah Montana movie, but I was pleasantly surprised that the movie was pretty good. It gets a thumbs up from this lady! Oh sure, there are some dumb parts, like Hannah/Miley getting into a cat fight with Tyra Banks over a pair of shoes but the music was good and there was actually a plot to follow. The girls were pretty well behaved and said they liked it. So that was our Friday night excitement. On Saturday, I took the girls to another Easter egg hunt at the park. There were so many kids it was hard for the girls to get many eggs but they had fun anyway. Saturday afternoon, Tommie's baseball team had a little round robin tourney here in town and won both their games they played. Saturday night, we colored about 4 dozen Easter eggs. Yes, I said 4 dozen! It went pretty well considering right when we started, Joey grabbed the bowl of blue dye and spilled it all over himself. It when right through his clothes and turned his chest blue. He has such quick hands and daddy wasn't quick enough! On Sunday the Easter Bunny had found the kids and they liked their baskets full of goodies. Then we headed off to my mom's house for a delicious dinner and an egg hunt in the backyard. We had a nice time although it was a little hard for everyone since it's the first Easter since my dad passed away. We had another delicious meal at Shawn's folk's house for suppper and spent some time with them too. I don't think I need to eat for a month! We left about 8:30 ~ Shawn in one vehicle with John and Joey ~ and me in the other vehicle with the girls and Tommie. We had to stop back at my mom's house to make sure she was good for the night and Shawn, Joey and John headed for home. About 20 minutes later, I got a call from Shawn. The alternator belt had broken on the car and they were stranded about 10-15 miles from Albion which is still about 30 miles from our home in Columbus. They had pulled into some farmstead and waited for us to get there. We left the car there for the night. Shawn took the morning off from work so we could go back and he could fix it and bring the car home. The kids had the day off from school so John babysat while we took off. He had a new belt, jumper cables, a wrench ~ everything he needed to fix the car. Or so he thought. After our half hour drive back into the country, we pull up to the car and Shawn starts to get out. Only he sits back down, rubs his face with his hands. I say what's the matter? Figuring he would answer man, I'm tired ~ that was a long weekend. Instead he says "I forgot the car keys at home". So what do we get to do? Go through the whole thing again this afternoon after Joey's therapy session. Only this time we had the keys. How was your Monday?

The girls at Hannah Montana with Madison...Abbie fell asleep that last 10 minutes

The girls at Saturday's hunt...

Joey's blue tummy...

Coloring our 4 dozen eggs...

Easter egg hunt at Grandma Lawson's...

Joey found some eggs too...

John thought he was too "big" this year to hunt eggs...

Tommie and Tanner on the prowl...

I got John to go find a few...

Abbie and Joey playing blocks at Grandma and Grandpa Jerry's house...

Joey loves building blocks!


  1. You certainly had a busy weekend. I watned to get Madeline to Hannah Montana movie but didn't make it. I hope to this next weekend.
    Easter looks like it was a success for everyone at your house!

  2. interesting to hear that Hannah Montana was actually not bad!

    Happy Easter!

  3. Sounds like you all had a busy yet fun Easter weekend. Love all the pics. the picture of Abbie falling asleep is so precious. My favorites are of the kids dying Easter eggs and I got a kick out of Joey's blue tummy. Jacob is very fast too.

  4. what a busy but fun weekend! love the pics of the action! my sister, dad, and I are going to take my niece to see hannah montana next weekend (she is always stuck seeing what the boys in her life want to see!!) LOL!.. and she suckered my dad into it!

    love the blue belly on joey! how fun was that to wash off?? or is it still there? jaiden still has blue finger tips! :)

    glad you had a wonderful Easter!

  5. ps... and the car keys.. UGH! that sounds like something that would happen to us! how frusterating! :)

  6. 4 dozen eggs.. I did 2 and I thought that was a lot! Looks like you all had a great time!

    P.s.. Joey is getting so BIG!

  7. Whoa, busy busy weekend but you got some great pictures of it!

    Yes, once again your hubby was a dork. Does it ever end with him? LOL

    Justine :o )

  8. What a busy weekend! I hope the dye came off Joey's tummy! We forgot to dye the eggs this year so we didn't have any accidents. Haha.

    Great photos! I"m glad you had a nice holiday!

  9. I LOVE the blue tummy!!!! Glad Emma found a play buddy!!

  10. Sounds like you all had a great Easter! Love all the pics...especially Joey's blue tummy :-)

    I got a chuckle out of your hubby forgetting the car keys, hehe! Sounds like something I would do.

  11. What a fabulous Easter! Love all the pics!


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