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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A day at Coco Key

Whew! What a weekend! Tommie recovering from his bout with bronchitis. Worrying that everybody else is gonna get it. Cold, rainy weather. Hit a couple garage sales. Out of town baseball games. Traveling. Getting lost. Freezing my behind off. Locking the keys in the car. Paying someone to get them out. And that was just Saturday! I kid you not ~ it was like 90 degrees here last Thursday and on Saturday, it was 35 degrees, rainy, a little windy and just downright miserable! And was I home baking cookies and slurping homemade soup? No! I was at John's baseball games communing with Mother Nature! Not that I am capable of baking cookies and/or making homemade soup but still I would have been where it was warm! Saturday was not my day! Shawn sure knew what he was doing when he sent me off to John's doubleheader in Lincoln ~ he volunteered to stay home with the kids and off I went. I will mention here that he told me slightly misleading directions to the ball field (he blames Map Quest ~ I blame him) and I ended up at a track meet before I found the game. That was just the beginning. Up the road from the field is a pizza joint that the parents got together and ordered pizza from for the boys between games. Do they deliver? Of course not! Me, being the kind soul that I am ~ and nothing to do with being able to warm up in the car ~ volunteered to go get it. I got back, parked by the bus, the players came for the pizza and inhaled it in like 2 seconds. I am not kidding ~ I'm not sure they even tasted it. So I go to get back in the car and I can't. Driver's door is locked. Passenger door is locked. Back doors ~ locked. Did I mention I had left the car running too? By this time, most people had gone back to the field (it was quite aways from the parking lot). Luckily, one of the coaches was around and he had a business card for a guy that can unlock vehicles. So I call. And I wait. Let's just say when the guy got there he had the door unlocked faster than I can blink. The good part was he only charged $20. Thank goodness for that! I think I was finally warmed up on Monday. No joke. I was chilled to the bone. The things we do for our kids!

Sunday was a much better day. It was Joey's 5th birthday! It's hard to believe that our little man is 5! We didn't have a party for him ~ for the second year in a row we have taken donations from friends and family in his honor to donate to S.M.I.L.E. ~ the place where he does his horseback riding. I will do a post about that in a few days and let you get a peek at our little cowboy. A friend of ours has a daughter named Madison who also turns 5 in April. Joey was born on the 26th, and Madison was born on the 28th. We were actually in the hospital at the same time! I used to babysit Madison before they moved to Omaha last fall. We have been friends with their family for years because I actually used to babysit Madison's mom and her mom's brother when they were younger. Confused yet? Anyway, Madison's birthday party was in Omaha Sunday at an indoor water park resort called Coco Key. It was a blast! The place is really great and everybody had a lot of fun. Madison and Kendra (her mom) cut a piece of her birthday cake for Joey to have a candle in for his birthday too. It was so sweet! A grand time was had by all. It was a wonderful day. Enjoy the pictures! WARNING: There is a lot of them! :o)

Emma ~ down the yellow slide!

Joey ~ swimming with the fishies?

They're gonna get wetter!

Splish splash!

Tommie coming to the end of a big slide!

Dad & Joe taking it all in!

Too much excitement for Abbie ~ she fell asleep!

Shawn had to go play ~ so Joey and I took over Abbie duty...

Emma ~ taking a Dippin Dots break...

It wouldn't be a party if there wasn't a pic of someone eating!

Abbie, Diane & Coco....

Joey with some cake...

Madison gives Joey a little help with the candle blowing....

Joey ~ 5 on April 26 and Madison ~ 5 on April 28...

The whole party crew...

Trying their hand at a duck game...


Joey loved this game ~ probably because he got to through things! lol


  1. Man... you had a weekend!! Doesn't it always seem to poor when it rains. It looks like they a had a great time swimming. Happpy Birthday Joey!!

  2. That sounds like quite a weekend. Glad to hear it ended on a happy note :o) Happy Birthday Joey!!!!

    We spent Saturday at the level 4 State Gymnastics meet and Diva was not happy with her performance - but she did like the sweatshirt she got to buy with money from Grandma.

    Thanks for stopping by 4-frogs. I don't think that was one of our Stanleys you saw - my computer went down for the count after Frog gave it a drink and I was without it for about six weeks. We weren't able to recover all of the data and with getting Frog back in school and opening the law practice I've been absent from the blogs - hope to be back soon!

  3. That looks like so much fun!!! I bet the kids had a blast :-) Jessica would love all that water!


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