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Friday, October 24, 2008

Trick or Treat! Wanna buy a Christmas Wreath?

Thank you for stopping by today! As you can see, we are all ready for Halloween around here! It's been a hectic week as usual from us finally succumbing to the pressure of getting text messaging for the cell phones to a rescheduled freshman football game to me wearing my windbreaker pullover thingy backwards the other day when I picked up the little ones from school. Oh yea, that was a real hoot. It has been raining and cold here all week so on Wednesday when I went to pick up Joey and Emma from school I threw on a black jacket type thing that goes over my head. I get to the school and get out of the van to wait by the door for the kids like all the other parents do. As I'm walking towards the group of 10 or so parents, I went to put my hands in the pockets of my jacket. So I'm walking, getting closer to the group, still searching for my pockets that should be in the front of my jacket and not feeling them. I look down, and I am confused for a moment because the front of the jacket does not look like the front of the jacket should look. Then I realize that hey ~ I have my jacket on backwards! By this time I am standing by the parents and a few of them are looking at me kind of strangely. So I decide to make the best of it and say "Yeah, I know ~ I just realized I put my jacket on backwards!" This brings a few chuckles from the crowd and one of the moms, bless her heart, comes to stand by me with her umbrella and says "Don't worry ~ it happens to the best of us!" I smile and say thanks. There is no way I'm taking the jacket off now to turn it around because it is freezing and raining and I figured they already saw me this way so what the heck. They all know whose mom I am anyway and I don't think Joey and Emma were too embarrased by the spectacle I made of myself. Here is my reinactment:
How the jacket should be worn:

How I wore it:

As you can see, there is a different look to each side. Now if this had happened when I was picking the older ones up from school or wherever, it would have been an entirely different story. Either they would have rolled their eyes and shook their heads at me or completely walked by and pretended not to know me.
All in all, we had a pretty good week. For those of you who missed my post on Tuesday, Joey appeared on the front page of our local paper this week as part of a story about The Littlest Heroes Project. It was awesome! To read this post and check out the online version of the story, click here. John was to have his last Freshman football game in Hastings on Tuesday, but it was postponed until Thursday because of the weather. We won 14-6. Yeah! And yes, we did get text messaging for all the cell phones. The boys really wanted it so we finally gave in. The problem is I'm starting to like it too! It really is kind of fun although I am still getting used to it. The girls are angels as usual (yea - right!!) and Joey has had a good week too. Yesterday at therapy he came really, really close to standing by himself without holding onto or leaning on anything. Yeah Joey!! Way to go! He is getting closer and closer to walking on his own every day. No hurry though ~ one thing Joey has taught us is patience. Tomorrow there is downtown trick or treating that we will go to. This is when the kids dress up in their costumes and go to the businesses downtown and get candy. It will be fun ~ now if I could only convince my husband of this. Oh yeah ~ we also have to sell $600 worth of Christmas wreaths by Friday for Tommie's club baseball team. How's this sound ~ "Trick or Treat! Wanna buy a Christmas Wreath?" I'll have the little ones practice.


  1. Isn't buying a Christmas wreath in the fall in Charlie Brown Thanksgiving II? I KNOW it is in one of them.

    Yay for Joey! That has to be so exciting for you to see him getting towards that milestone. I know that we had a great therapy week too. I was so surprised at what Blue could do!

    I hope you have a good weekend. If I could get by in life where the most embarrassing thing I did was wearing my jacket backwards, I would be better off than I am:)

  2. LMAO! i have so done things like wearing the jacket backwards! for my friends wedding, i forgot to take the tags off of my dress, (i was a bridesmaid), and everyone in the congregation got to see how much i paid for my dress. i felt so bad! :) thank goodness they didn't show up in pics!

    sounds like a wonderful weekend for you! i want to see pics! now i am going to add a pic to your map below! LOVE IT! (are you on myspace?)

  3. oh, and congrats on the paper joey!!!!!!!!

  4. ROFL! You looked like you were wearing a black straight jacket! heeheeheeeeeeeee! That is so something Jill would do!

    Have fun T or T'ing tomorrow!!!!!!!!!

    Justine :o )

  5. That's funny!! Sounds like something I would do. I once went to the store with my t-shirt on inside-out...never noticed until I got home, boy was I embarrassed :-)

    I love that line "trick or treat, wanna buy Christmas wreath?" LOL! I think you all should give it a try!

  6. Yeah!! You found the comment window. I love the jacket story. I got to work once with my shirt on backwards!! It happens. I've also come to work with different socks on.


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