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Monday, October 20, 2008

Tagged ~ 7 fun facts about me

I have been tagged by Lori over at Myah's Page to play this fun meme. The challenge is to list 7 fun facts about myself in an effort for all of us to get to know each other a little better. Here are my 7 fun facts:

1. I took piano lessons for 8 years when I was a kid. I started when I was 6 years
old. I played for the swing choir when I was in jr. high and high school. I still like to play, although I haven't had the time the last few years so I'm probably getting a little rusty.
2. I played the drums in my jr. high and high school band. Yes ~ I really played the drums! :o)
3. I love to dip plain Ruffles potato chips in macaroni and cheese and eat it.
4. My favorite color is orange.
5. I have 2 nieces and 3 nephews ~ all ages 2 and under. :o)
6. I am addicted to ranch flavored sunflower seeds.
7. I really hate to do laundry. The dirty pile is always 10 times bigger than the clean pile. I don't mind putting a load in the washer, but detest taking it out of the dryer, folding it and putting it away. This may explain why my kitchen table is covered with clean clothes waiting to be folded. I also hate unloading the dishwasher but don't mind loading it. Maybe I should get evaluated by Dr. Phil. ;o]

Hope you enjoyed these 7 fun facts about me. Now I tag Brenda, Cris, Delanie, Trisha, Natalie, Rhonda and Justine. Have fun ladies!


  1. No, I don't think you need to be evaluated at all. I think the mac n cheese with chips probably tastes good. Also, I despise folding and putting away laundry too. Mostly I dislike putting it away. :)

  2. I LOVE the fact that you played the drums! I played the clarinet and was always fascinated by how fast the drummers could go!! I'm also with you on the laundry thing and I don't really have an excuse since there are only three of us and one of us is smaller than the size of my leg from my knee to my ankle!! :)


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