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Sunday, October 19, 2008

CdLS Sunday Blog Challenge ~ What's on my Ipod?

This is our CdLS Sunday Blog Challenge. This is just for fun and it's an easy one!
Here we go:

If you are an iTunes fan, you are probably familiar with their "Celebrity Play Lists" where celebrities tell us what is on their iPods.

Since we are all "celebrities" here on this list, this week's blog challenge is to blog about what is on YOUR playlist. To keep things simple, just list your top 10 favorite songs or most played songs at this moment in time that are on you iPod/mp3 player/cd player. You can just list them, or you can also elaborate on what appeals to you about that particular song.

Extra credit--music seems to be something most of our kids with CdLS enjoy. What songs, artists or kinds of music does your child with CdLS enjoy most? What role does music play in his or her life?

Well, unfortunately, I don't have my own Mp3 player and can't ever find the time to listen to the music I like. The older boys have these Zune contraptions and are constantly downloading music or "cranking tunes" whenever we go somewhere on the road. I do love music and wanted to share some of my favorites for this challenge. First off, I was a teenager in the good old 80's, so of course, anything from the
80's rocks. Heart, Poison, Def Leopard, Bon Jovi, Journey, Night Ranger, REO, etc. ~ anything by these artists is totally on my list. My husband is fully aware that when Jon Bon Jovi finally comes calling for me, I won't let the door hit me in the behind on my way out. In the early 90's, I liked country music and we actually had a lot of country played at our wedding dance. I still like country now, but I will usually choose something that is from my time if I have the choice. I love the flashback to the 80's radio shows and usually have the radio tuned to a station that plays my "oldies but goodies" which is one or two stations around these parts. I can tolerate music from the 90's (which is also old stuff now too!) and some of the music the boys listen to I can also handle. I do not like anything that pertains to rap music ~ I will stick with my 80's hair bands, thank you very much. :o) I will also admit that I am an American Idol fan ~ thank goodness for DVR! Shawn & I try not to miss and episode when it's on. I do like Cris Daughtry and David Cook ~ I like their style of music. As for my top 10 playlist ~ hmmmm...let's see....#1 ~ #10 80's rules!! Do they still have that show on VH1 ~ I love the 80's where they tell different things about each year? I loved that show! Okay, okay, enough about me...

As for Joey, music is a huge part of his life. He absolutely loves it. Whether it's listening to some on his CD player or playing with one of his keyboards or musical toys, there is usually something around here with some type of tune going. Right now he has got some demo playing on one of his pianos. I was so excited ~ yesterday I got 2 children's Cd's at a garage sale for a quarter and they actually work! He has a small CD player in his room that we play for him at night when he goes to bed. He has 2 or 3 small keyboards that he loves ~ he is either playing a tune of his own or has the built in songs going. When he is playing these, he is usually on his stomach on the floor and will move his body back and forth, swinging his legs ~ I know this is his dancing. It is very cute! :o) He mostly listens to kids songs ~ these seem to be his favorite vs. anything that's country, rock, pop, etc. He has a little radio type toy that plays different tunes and when he brings it to me, we sit, he pushes the buttons, and I make up some silly words to go with the music. This is also one of his favorite activities ~ he doesn't mind that I am no Celine Dion or Whitney Houston. One of his therapists told me a while ago that she could pretty much get him to do anything if she sang "The Ants Go Marching" and that he would also march along to the tune. And for some reason, this song is by far his favorite ~ I'm not sure why. If he is agitated or fussy, or tired of riding in the car, we will sing The Ants Go Marching and he will be fine. Go figure. To see the lyrics to The Ants Go Marching or hear the tune, click here. Have a great week!


  1. That is cute that he likes the Ants go marching song. I remember liking that one myself when I was a child.

  2. Oh, cool post, Rachelle! I'm seriously not into music much at all these days, but I have to admit that when I turn on the radio, it's to a hip-hop station. NOT rap though. Blechhhhhh.
    Now Gianna absolutely LOVES the Doobie Brothers and is actually going to their concert next month! When she's upset, Jill puts on their concert dvd and Gianna calms down. She adores "Rockin' Down the Highway".

    Justine :o )

  3. Isn't it funny to see what kids react too? Madeline would always become calm when listening to music by Louis Armstrong, especially the trumpet. We always had it on reserve for long car rides. Keep on singing it makes you happy!!

  4. Rachelle you are too funny...when Jon Bon Jovi does come to take you away, just make sure you share a picture with us on your blog!!

    Enjoyed reading your playlist! And that's so cute about Joey loving the Ants Marching song :-)

  5. Love to hear The Ants Go Marching works outside of W&G, too!! When our oldest was a baby she loved this Winnie the Pooh tape. One time my husband drove to work on the Air Force base with the radio blaring and didn't realize until he had gotten past the security check point guard that he still had Pooh playing. Guess that's a true Daddy!!


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