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Thursday, November 6, 2008

The suspense is over!

The moment you've been wating for is finally here! The answer to the picture game What Is That Anyway? is at your fingertips! No ~ it' not a car, or a camera, or a wheel, or an old phone. And no, Delanie, it is not a Big Mac switch. :o) But, as the clue yesterday revealed, it is something that Joey touches every day.

It is one of Joey's keyboards he plays with every day! Gotcha! The game photo is of the upper left hand corner of the piano which shows the pink round thingy. Thanks to all who played along! I had fun anticipating the answers and also waiting to see if I could fool you! Hope you had fun too ~ I think we'll try this again next week on Special Exposure/Wordless Wednesday to see if I can stump you again!


  1. Dang it! I didn't get to play!! I TOTALLY would have guessed it! Ha!

  2. I didn't leave a guess yesterday because I couldn't come up with anything but I can't believe I didn't recognize this. Sean has one alot like this one. He loves it. He likes to hit the key that plays the demos and of course loves the volume button - the "Up" one. This was fun. Can't wait for next week.

  3. Good one! I might have to steal this idea sometime:) It was fun.

  4. I love these guessing games! I guess none of us got it right this time!!!!!!!!!!!

    Justine :o )

  5. I should have known!!! I love this game.


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