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Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Riedmiller Review....

Happy Saturday! I feel a little guilty ~ there are so many fun blog games, tags,and memes to keep me busy, not to mention keeping up with all my blogger friends, that it occured to me this morning that I haven't shared a lot of pictures of the kids for awhile. I would like to give a little recap of some happenings in our house and show off the kiddos a tiny bit. This way I can keep track of things too when I am having one of my senior moments. Now if I can just remember some interesting tidbits. Hmmmmmm....let's see......
1. Well, my clothes dryer broke about a week and a half ago so the inside of the house looks like a clothesline. It's great! It's way too cold here to hang anything outside so I hang it all over the house and Viola! two days later the stuff is dry! It's like magic! My husband seems to think he can fix it himself so I currently have various dryer parts laying around in the basement. I'll let you know if he accomplishes the task this weekend.
2. If you read my post a couple days ago, you know about Joey's adventure to the eye doctor. I won't elaborate any more than that. I think I've finally recovered. He is scheduled for a tear duct probe in January. He also got a brand spankin' new walker on Thursday! One of his very own! It is very similiar to the one we've been borrowing from therapy and he took right to it. He uses it mostly at school and is doing great with it. Go Joey!
3. I got pulled over by the fuzz the other day. Not for anything too major ~ one of them happened to get behind me and saw that the license plate was expired. Ooopsie! The plates expired in October and we completely spaced out about it. It wasn't until I got pulled over and the thoughts of what am I doing wrong were racing through my head that I remembered the plates. I got a fix it ticket and you'll be happy to know our van now has current plates again.
4. John started basketball practice on Friday. His two week break between football and basketball is officially over. On to the next sport!
5. Tommie passed a weight lifting class at the YMCA so he now likes to go lift weights and shoot baskets. His club basketball team will start practice next week and the middle school season will begin in January.
6. Emma and Abbie are growing up way too fast. They sure have some interesting conversations. Abbie's current favorite phrase is "Don't talk to me, Emma!"
7. It is cold, cold, cold here in the sticks!
8. Shawn & I run around like chickens with our heads cut off about 3/4 of the time with the exception of when we are sleeping. Someone usually wants something, needs to go somewhere, be brought home from somewhere, or has broken something. Chaos is the general rule in this house.
9. Joey is having a blast dragging wet clothes around the house! :o)
10. Did I mention it is cold outside?!?!

There you have it ~ an update from the Riedmiller household. What grand, exciting lives we lead! And now, as promised, a few pictures for your viewing pleasure!


  1. I love the pictures of the kids especially the one of your daughter all curled up with the cat. I don't know how you do it with having so many kids I only have 2 and my head is always spinning in another direction!

  2. Love all the new pictures! The bubble bath pics are adorable!!

    Hope you get your dryer fixed soon :-)

  3. love those pics and bubbles are wonderful!!!!!! i love reading the happenings in your household!!! :)

  4. Your cat is obviously used to being around children!!!


    Thanks for the update. Us bloggers like to read them too!

    My husband just got pulled over for having outdated inspection stickers!!! What a pain that is! He probably should have been pulled over for speeding though;)

  5. Hey Rachelle! Oh, your little pumpkins are so adorable! Love the bubbly pictures! But holy crap, your cat looks HUGE! How much does he/she weigh?

    Justine :o )

  6. Your car cracks me up!!! Hey, when your hubby gets done fixing your dryer can he come to my house and fix my washer that broke!! Thankfully I was on my last load but it is quickly piling up again. Cute pics!!


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