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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday 13 - Week 9 Letter "I"

Welcome to another fun filled week of Thursday 13! This week we are up to the letter "I". What ingenious ideas did I come up with? Well, let's check it out!

1. Idol - Congrats to the newly crowned American Idol Kris Allen! I was rooting for him but figured Adam would have won the title. I would be interested to know how many votes separated the two of them. I am challenging myself to see if I can name the previous 7 winners. Let's see...Kelly Clarkson, Rueben Studdard, Carrie Underwood, Fantasia, Jordan Sparks, David Cook and....jeez! Who is the other one? Don't worry - it will come to me.

2. Internet - Where would we all be if not for the internet? 20 some years ago we never would have dreamed of all the things we could do and the people we could connect with.

3. Imagine- Imagine if you will...
A 3 year old girl having a HUGE temper tantrum because her mom won't let her flood the bathroom with water.
A 4 year old girl also having a temper tantrum for the same reason. But she gives up and decides to make a bed for the cats in Joey's crib using every single blanket and pillow in the house.
A 5 year old boy standing up to the kitchen counter, reaching a big glass of Mountain Dew with ice and throwing it on the floor. He proceeds to splash and slurp until someone discovers what he has done.
A 13 year old boy who can't find a pair of clean socks in the whole house and finds it necessary to complain about this. He also wants a ride to a friends house. And complaining because it was his Mountain Dew a certain 5 year old is now taking a bath in.
A 15 year old boy who decides to be oblivious to all the activity by watching videos on YouTube. He decides to get in on all the action to ask where his baseball pants are. Complains they are still wet in the washer and what's he supposed to wear. Also needs a ride to practice.
Imagine it? I lived it! And that was just during the first hour of summer break yesterday!

4. IEP - Stands for Individualized Education Plan. We have 2 meetings a year unless there is reason for more. It is made up of us (parents), Joey's teachers, and other people on his team are his therapists from the school system. It sounds intimidating but really it's not. So far we have had good meetings.

5. Ice - I am a chronic ice chewer. I hardly ever go anywhere without a glass of ice water or a pop with ice.

6. Irritate - I know the above mentioned habit irritates a lot of people. I don't do it in public as a common courtesy to others. Aren't I super nice?

7. Insanity - The word that pretty much sums up the activity in our daily lives.

8. Information - You can get so much information about Cornelia de Lange Syndrome by clicking here.

9. Image - I wanted to share an image I took of the gift bags we made for Joey and Emma's teachers. Their end of the year thank you gifts were filled with candy, a card and a small gift certificate to a convenience store that is close to the school.

10. Impossible - Our daily schedules sometimes seem impossible to figure out. But we manage day by day!

11. Illinois - The site of last year's CdLS Conference. We can't hardly wait for Dallas in 2010!

12. Innings - Something we will see a lot of this summer.
Taylor Hicks! I just thought of his name! Yay for me!

13. Ionosphere - This is our random I word for the week. It is defined as: The part of the earth's atmosphere beginning at an altitude of about 50 kilometers (31 miles) and extending outward 500 kilometers (310 miles) or more.

We hope everyone has a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend! Our forecast calls for rain so that is a great kick off to the first official weekend of summer! Tommie has a 3 day baseball tourney in Council Bluffs, John has a double header for his legion team on Sunday and just for the heck of it Abbie turns 3 this weekend too. Will we get it all in? I sure hope so! Come back next week for some joyous joviality with the letter J!


  1. Great "I" post!!!! I'm a little behind you. I just started the alphabet last week, so I'm only up to "B". Anyhow, just wanted to say hello!
    Hugs, Sandy

  2. lol! Great list! Chewing ice would send me into terrible pain, my teeth are very sensitive.

    I love the imagine and of course, where would we be with the www! Holy cow, I'd be soo lost...and lonely. lol!!

    Happy Friday!

  3. Rachelle,
    Your posts are always so fun to read!! I too have a chewing fixation...but it's the old maids after I finish the popcorn that get me! I just know I'm going to ruin my teeth...but it's so hard to stop! :) Excited to work with Joey for the next few weeks...you tell him he better not give me a hard time since I'll be by myself!! Ha!! :) BTW...my foot is fine!! Doesn't even hurt anymore! LOL

  4. Okay, "Imagine" was the best! ROFL!!!!!!!!!! Loved it, Rachelle!
    Hey, that ice crunching thing? Is sometimes a sign of anemia.

    Justine :o )

  5. LOVE number 3....sounds like our household!

  6. that was so nice of you to give the teachers gifts! cute bags too!!

    I didn't get to say HI or BYE today!!!

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