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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sharing a SMILE...

Meet our little cowboy Joey. Ain't he cute?

I made these cards for Joey's birthday this year. For the second year in a row in lieu of a party and presents we asked family and friends to make a donation to SMILE in honor of Joey's 5th Birthday. SMILE is the name of the wonderful program where Joey participates in horseback riding therapy. The inside of the cards look like this:

Because of the generosity of our family and close friends, we were able to raise almost $250 to donate to SMILE this year. Thank you everybody ~ that is awesome! You can be very proud of yourselves! On Wednesday, Joey begins his 3rd season of equine therapy. We are so excited! He has really come to enjoy his sessions and it helps him gain strength and balance. Every week from now til October, we are off to ride Sparky! I encourage everyone to find out if you have an equine therapy program in your area. It will do wonders for your child and he or she will have fun at the same time!

Here are some pictures I threw in from his final session last October...


  1. Okay, Joey makes the CUTEST COWBOY EVER!!!! Seriously, I got such a big smile for that card you made!!

    Do you think equine therapy is possible for the kids with arm differences? We're a bit young, but I thought I would ask your opinion nonetheless.

  2. Oh man, that card you made is incredibly cute!!! What a wonderful idea to have family and friends make donations. You ROCK!

    Justine :o )

  3. You have such great ideas!! I totally love cowboy Joey and the idea for gifts in his honor. He looks like he loves his quine therapy.

  4. Awesome cards and what a great idea!! He is so adorable!!

  5. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is a great idea. SMILE is such a great organization! I will have to look into programs like that here!

  6. WAY TO GO JOEY!!!!!!!!! It is awesome how many people were able to show their love and support for you via SMILES! I know that is a special place to you Rachelle...I bet you knock their socks off with this donation. GOOD FOR YOU!!

  7. Rachelle...the invites turned out AWESOME! I knew they would! I think you're a natural! :) Congrats on raising so much dough for SMILES...how awesome is that!!??
    Joey is so dang cute!!

  8. That card (and Joey!) is adorable!!! And I love the poem you wrote inside it too...you are so creative :-) SMILE is definetly a worthy cause.


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