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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A big step in the parenting department...

We took a big step in the parenting department this weekend. Not only did we decide to leave John overnight by himself for the first time, we also left him in charge of Joey. Crazy? Possibly. Between the 7 of us were we in 3 different towns Saturday night? Yes. At our wits end about what to do about our hectic weekend schedule? Definately. So we decided to split up. Tommie had a baseball tournament out of town all weekend, we had already planned to have a birthday party for Abbie on Sunday, and last Thursday we realized that John had a double header on Sunday. So Shawn had to stay with Tommie and I had already promised my mom the girls and I would spend the night at her house on Saturday cause we were having Abbie's birthday party there on Sunday. Have I lost you yet? Well, it would have been to hard for me to take the 3 little ones to my mom's for an overnighter by myself and John needed to stay in town for his baseball games. So the girls and I stayed at Grandma's, Shawn and Tommie stayed in Council Bluffs, and John and Joey stayed home. Shawn came home Sunday morning in time for John to get to his games which he and Joey were going to watch. Then we find out they were moved back to 4 & 6 p.m. because it had rained during the night. So Shawn, John & Joey are now at home, Tommie is still in Council Bluffs and the girls and I are still in Albion. Are you with me? Then we find later out that John's games got cancelled completely cause the fields were still to muddy. So Shawn missed Abbie's party and Tommie's games on Sunday to go to John's games which ended up being cancelled. The good news is John took good care of Joey during all the confusion. He was in one piece and the house was still standing when Shawn got home. My sister and my nephew came over and spent some time with them Saturday evening - of course not spying or anything and we in no way asked her to check on them - and they were doing fine. Next time we told him we will leave him in charge of all of them! lol - He declined that offer!

Let's throw our princesses off the deck!

Abbie found my glasses!

Abbie and her birthday cake...

Opening presents...

Emma had to help of course!

It's my party...

and I'll have 4 pony tails if I want to!

Is there any other way to swing?

Lunch in the park...

Joey liked to push the merry go round...

Tommie had 3 swings going at once!

John got hit in the back by a pitch in a game last Thursday...you can see the ball on the ground

John plays catcher...this kid struck out


  1. Wow! That was a bit confusing, but I am agreeing and saying it IS a parenting milestone.

    I hope you are all getting back to your routine after a crazy weekend.

    I have never had one of my kids spend the night without me there. And last week was the first time we left the baby with anyone for more than 90 minutes.

    :) Great photos!

  2. Oh my goodness, one weekend... no, one DAY like that and I'd have to be committed! Sounds like all went well except for John missing his games. But look at how cute Abbie looks in these pictures!!

    Justine :o )

  3. The birthday pics remind me of myself and my (15 month) younger sister at her birthday...except...I didn't get to help her...so I'm bawling in every picture!! LOL

  4. Oh my gosh, my head is spinning, LOL! Not sure how you all do it! Looks like Abbie had a wonderful birthday party...love her cake, so pretty!

    I'm glad John and Joey made out okay. I remember how nice it was when Amanda was old enough to leave alone with Jessica every once in a while...though it was hard to do at first. Now she's amazing, handles Jess better than I do!


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