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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday 13 - Week 8 Edition "H"

After a brief hiatus last week to share a post about CdLS Awareness, Thursday 13 is getting back on track. 2 weeks ago we finished off our journey into the world of the letter G. This week, we will explore H and all of it's happenings. Jeez, listen to me...I sound like I am teaching a world history class or something! lol That's okay because this week there will be a pop quiz at the end of the post. (just kidding!) But I am planning a vocabulary test about our words of the week at the end of our 26 weeks together so you better start cramming! lol

1. Heart ~ I can't have an H post without mentioning one of my favorite bands from the 80's, Heart. Yes, I am an 80's music lover. Is there any other kind? Nobody can wail like Ann Wilson!

2. Hyvee ~ My favorite place to get groceries. We have one about 4 blocks from our house so it is very convenient too.

3. Hairspray ~ For this one I am totally going to blame the kids. Earlier this week, I was in the bathroom fixing my hair. In my bathroom there is a can of White Rain Hairspray and a can of Febreeze air freshener. They were right next to each other on the counter. Emma and Abbie started fighting about something and in my haste to finish my hair and find out what was going on, I sprayed Febreeze on my hair instead of hairspray. I am not kidding. All day I smelled like a meadow kissed with fresh morning rain.

4. Home ~ Joey's favorite place to be is home. He loves to go to school and therapy and he is also a champion shopper and ball game watcher. But boy does he get excited when he gets home!

5. Hectic ~ A good word that describes our daily life!

6. Horse ~ Joey started his 3rd season of horseback riding therapy yesterday. He seemed to remember a lot of things but was a little fussy during the ride. It was kind of windy though and he hates the wind. After 1 or 2 more sessions he should be back in the groove! These were taken yesterday:

7. Hot ~ What the weather will be here soon. I asked my husband for a good H word and this is what he came up with. Clever, isn't he??

8. Humor ~ I feel a good sense of humor is a great characteristic for a person to have. I always try to look at the lighter side of things. This comes in handy when the girls have flooded the bathroom. Or when Joey has pulled every single canned good out of the cupboard. Or John & Tommie are needing a ride somewhere for the 10th time in one day. Turn that frown upside down ~ right?!?

9. Hands ~ One of the characteristics of CdLS is small hands. They are some of the cutest hands I've ever seen!

10. Heights ~ I am afraid of heights. I will climb a ladder about half way then forget it.

11. Hannah Montana ~ The last movie I saw. I went with the girls so that makes it okay.

12. Horatio ~ Shawn's favorite character on the TV show CSI:Miami. Horatio is played by David Caruso. Shawn has followed him since his NYPD Blue days. He thinks he's cool.

13. Halogeton ~ Our H word. It is a coarse annual herb introduced into North America from Siberia; dangerous to sheep and cattle on western rangelands because of its high oxalate content.

Come back next week for instant fun with the infamous letter I!


  1. Hannah Montana was the last movie i saw in the theatre too (we took my niece for a girl's day!!)

    mason get's excited when we come home too. today he laughed for almost 20 minutes straight the minute I took him out of his car seat and took him in the bedroom to change his diaper! he won't laugh like that anywhere else :)!

    those of joey on the horse are so cute!

    i need to get crackin on this! :)

  2. I was told by the CLB that Hannah Montana is my favorite tv show. Hah!

    I'm so sorry about the hairspray febreeze incident!

  3. heh,heh

    I've done the hairspray thing too. :D

  4. Ewwwwww... I've always hated Heart. Blechers! Hyvee? What kind of grocery store name is that? White Rain hairspray? Come on, you can do better than that. In fact, you did... with the Febreeze! Heeheehee

    Yeah, that's right. I'm tearing apart your H words! LOL!

    Justine :o )

  5. Okay, the part about the Febreeze "hairspray" cracked me up! I'm surprised I haven't done that myself yet, lol :-)

    Heart rocks!

  6. i meant to comment on this yesterday, but i lmao at the febreeze incident! i have done that too... but only with hair conditioner.. so it wasn't quite as bad. but today when i sprayed hair spray on it reminded me of you and so i had to come and comment again really quick! :)

  7. The Febreeze cracked me up too! At least Febreeze smells awesome (better than hairspray I'd say).

    Joey looks great in his horseback riding pictures. I am definitely going to look into that when Hope gets bigger. I think she's a little too tiny for now... :)

    Keep going with the alphabet posts. I love it!

  8. Btw, I wanted to thank you for the info on PECS and horseback therapy. Now that Hope FINALLY has one-on-one speech therapy we're started to work on some of the very early steps of different communication systems. At least I think that's what we're doing. :)

  9. Sweet! You had a fabulous list! 80's music is so the best and the Febreeze made me laugh out loud.

    The horse back riding sounds fantastic too! I always loved riding horses and I cannot wait to get my girls into it.

    And yeah, Horatio, awesome!

  10. you crack me up! Your post made me laugh several time :-)


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