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Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Review

I am having a hard time with the fact that Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is just around the corner! Where in the world did November go? Or for that matter, 2008? When I was turning the calendars this morning, I thought wow ~ this year has gone by fast!

We had a nice Thanksgiving holiday. On Thursday, we loaded up the gang and went to my parent's house for Thanksgiving dinner in Albion (which is only about 45 miles away from us so thankfully not much travel time!). My sister and her family and our crew stuffed ourselves silly and had a nice visit. Then around 5p.m. it was on to my in-laws who also live in Albion. We were joined by Shawn's brother and his family so all together we had six little ones ages 4 and under reeking havoc on Grandma & Grandpa Jerry's house. More delicious food and time spent catching up on family happenings. On Friday, we hung around home which was nice. I am not one of the get up at 3a.m. and go shopping types but more power to the people who are. I hope you got all the great bargains! John, Tommie, Emma and I did mosey out to Walmart about 10a.m. so John could pick up some DVD's they had on sale for $2. Luckily they had some left and he found 10 movies he liked for a mere $20. Can't beat that! On Saturday, it was back to Albion to have an informal Thanksgiving gathering with my brother and his family. They were unable to join us on Thursday, so we decided to get together on Saturday at my parent's house for some pizza and catching up. It was fun. My Aunt Carol and Uncle Paul were there too. Stuffed ourselves silly again and enjoyed our time together. Sunday was supposed to be devoted to decorating and getting the Christmas tree up and cleaning and laundry etc., but all that remains a work in progress. I actually got to take a nap for about 1 1/2 hrs. which was pure heaven! Then of course I had trouble falling asleep Sunday night but my quiet time was well worth it! My Monday morning started with a trip to Walmart at 6:15a.m. to get an ink cartridge for our printer. Tommie had a health report due today and when he finally got around to printing it out about 10:30 Sunday night, he discovered the printer had no ink, black or colored. So, mom to the rescue with a quick trip to the store that she didn't feel like going to last night because it was way to cold outside. Well, guess what? It wasn't any warmer at 6a.m. either! Lesson learned! Then about 12;45p.m. when I was getting Joey ready to go to therapy, I smell something burning. I trace the smell to of all things, the dishwasher! I open it up and out comes some smoke ~ just as the neighbors are arriving to watch the kids! Great! So I shut it off ~ for some reason it was getting way too hot which was causing the odor. No fire thankfully. And yes this is my new dishwasher that I've only had for a couple months! Luckily there is a warranty on it so we will have to get someone in here to take a look at it. If today is any indication of how the rest of my week is going to be I may just have to go on strike! LOL We hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the pictures!

Our attempts to get the Lawson grandkids together for a picture!
Emma, Tommie, Aubree, John, Joey, Tanner, Cooper and Abbie...

Abbie ~ too much turkey!

Joey playing with Grandma Jerry's blocks...

It snowed a little on Sunday so of course the girls had to play in it!

My brother Eric who will be 30 years old on Saturday! Did everyone hear~he'll be 30!


  1. Wow! It does seem like every year goes by faster...doesn't it? Sounds like yall had a good Thanksgiving. And lots of kids too. I love it when there's lots of kids. Have a good night

  2. Well, you had an exciting day!! I hadn't heard all your adventures earlier today. I hope the rest of your holiday season goes a little smoother. Have a good week. I'll see you and Joey when I get back.

  3. Sounds like you had a great day!! Thanks for sharing the pics...they are always so great to look at!

  4. Sounds like your Thanksgiving Holiday was full of family and fun. I love the pics. Im jealous of the snow. It does'n snow down here in Texas very often.
    Rachel-mom to Jacob-8-CDLS


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