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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snow and IFO'S and IEP - Oh My!!

Another week has passed us by. I usually try to do a weekly review on Mondays but it seems like we have been busier than ever. Gosh, let's see...we've had some snow here in good old Nebraska ~ a little last week and it has been snowing all day today. And man has it been COLD! I think the high yesterday was like 5 degrees or something with lows and wind chill factors below zero! Looking out the window, I see about 4 inches now with a light snow still falling. This means some scooping for my hubby when he gets home from work! ;o)
Last Tuesday John had his first Freshman basketball game. Unfortunately they lost but John managed to score 10 points. It was out of town and we were all going to go but it was so bitterly cold the little ones and I stayed home. On Wednesday, my mom was in town and I accompanied her to a doctor's appointment and then we did a little Christmas shopping at good old Walmart. Shawn took some time off of work to stay with the kids and Cooper so I could help her out. Thanks darling ~ you're a trooper! Thursday was an interesting day. Joey was supposed to be casted for some new braces for his feet. The guy was to be at the school at 10:30 and I was to meet them there to pick out colors, etc. They called at 8:15 and said he was going to be at another school until after 11:00 so could he just come to our home. I said sure because this is what we did a year ago when he got his first pair. Only the first time his PT from the school system was here with us so it didn't go too badly. This time with just me and the fellow who does the casting proved to be a little more difficult. This quick dry stuff is used to make a cast of his foot and the child is supposed to hold still. Well, I was holding one leg and Joey's arms and the guy was holding his other leg and trying to get the cast stuff on so needless to say this didn't work very well. In the meantime, Emma, Abbie and Cooper have to be right there seeing what was going on and one of our cats decided to investigate too. Then the guy tells me he is allergic to cats and his eyes started watering while he was holding Joey's foot. So here I am, struggling to hold Joey still, trying to get Emma to get the cat out of there and the sweat is rolling down my face. Well, Joey's foot slipped and we decided to try another time when we had more hands available to help. So now it will be after the first of the year before Joey will get fitted for his new braces. Then Thursday afternoon I had Joey's IEP (individualized education plan) meeting at the school. This meeting went good. We discussed Joey's progress and set some goals for the next few months. I was really pleased to hear some of the good things he is doing in school. They started experimenting with a Body Sock ~ has anyone had any experience with these? If you have, please leave me a comment with some feedback. His teacher puts him in it when he seems disorganized and after a few minutes when he gets out, he seems more grounded and sure of what he wants to do. His communication skills are an ongoing goal but he is doing well with the PECS. His classmates always want to play with him and help him ~ his teacher said they kind of like to "mother" him and she has to explain that Joey can do a lot of things for himself. All in all, we are very happy with preschool and have never had any problems with any of the services Joey receives (knock on wood).
Friday evening I got to go to my sister's house and babysit Cooper while she and her hubby went to a Christmas party. We had fun ~ he was sleeping by 9pm so I got to put my feet up in her recliner and watch some TV. This was pure heaven. Anytime you need me sis!
Saturday John had a basketball game out of town ( which they won ~ yea!) and Tommie's club basketball team was in a tournament out of town also. ( They finished 4th). Then Saturday night we had Shawn's annual Christmas party and got to dine on a delicious steak and all the trimmings. It was nice to get out for a couple hours. We had John babysit and you'll be happy to know the little ones were in one piece when we got home. Sunday was spent doing some Christmas shopping. And no, unfortunately I am not done yet. I like to give (and receive!) Christmas gifts but I do not like shopping for them. I am always one of those last minute Christmas shoppers at Walmart on Christmas Eve trying to get all of my purchasing done before they close for the holiday. I have come to the conclusion that I will never learn a lesson. Every year I say I am going to get the shopping done way before Christmas and I never do. Oh well ~ maybe next year!


  1. Rachelle...wow! Your life is soooo busy! I'm not sure I could do what you do! You are an amazing person and mother! I am in awe!! :)

  2. I'm interested to know what a body sock looks like. I can see the idea behind it, but it does sound a bit odd.

  3. SNOW!!! I asked Santa for snow on Christmas but I don't think I am going to get my wish! :(

  4. Wow, I can't remember what I had for dinner last night, but you can remember everything you did during the week! Now that's impressive!

    Sounds like Joey is doing really well in preschool. Fantastic!

    Okay, Christmas shopping. Do it the fun way silly! Shop ONLINE, starting around Thanksgiving. You use coupon codes and such, so you rarely pay shipping, and all you have to do is open your door when the mail or UPS comes. Brilliant!

    Of course, I've still got 70 or so gifts to wrap. Do I have any volunteers?

    Justine :o )

  5. hey there busy lady! hhmmm body sock, very interesting.

    i have had a day like you had with joey and the casting guy.... mason was in the middle of receiving his synagis shot when my cat jumped onto mason's RN's lap!!! so here i was trying to keep mason still while the RN injected him, and then worried about any germs the cat is transferring... and then i wondered about the consentration the RN had with a cat on his lap (he had already confessed to me that he was working on a half hour of sleep in three days!!) ugh!!!!

    i hope that things calm down for you!
    stay warm!

  6. What a wild day! As I was reading your post I am thinking I am so glad we have our CLDS family because we go through days like this and can totally understand and empathize.

    P.S.Love the picture and i miss the snow.


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