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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Special Exposure ~ Wordless Wednesday

I usually share pictures of Joey on Wordless Wednesday, but today I just had to post these photos of Emma napping with "her kitties" yesterday. She wants to hold them all the time, which usually they aren't too cooperative with her. But if she happens to fall asleep in the chair, they are right there cuddled up with her. Her first words upon waking were "Mommy, my kitties sleeped with me!" ;o)

5 Minutes for Special Needs


  1. I love it! And I love that you posted a picture of your little girl. I need to post a picture of my other daughter. Because she too is special! Thanks

  2. How adorable! She has such a pretty smile!

    I love sleeping with a furball every now and then. It's calming when they snuggle up with you.

  3. Aww! Those are great pictures.

    I agree that we should post pictures of all our kids on SEW too. If not for any other reason than it is fun.

  4. Adorable!!! She is such a cutie :-)

    I remember I loved sleeping with our cats when I was a kid.

    I enjoy seeing photos of the other kids in our CdLS families. I should post more of my older daughter, but she's at that age she hates for me to, LOL!

  5. The second picture is my favorite. It's so precious. And your cat is gorgeous.

  6. How sweet. I love the last picture. She looks so happy.

  7. Ahh...how sweet...wish my dog would cuddle up with me like that!! :)

  8. Aww, that is so sweet! That second pic is my favorite, so cute :).


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