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Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday's FencePost #4...

Welcome to my evening edition of Friday's Fencepost. I apologize to my dedicated readers(okay, okay, reader) for the lateness ~ I've been dealing with a cranky, tired two year old all day who is not feeling well. Anyway, I've decided to try out some more poetry on you today. I tried to think of some interesting, riveting topic to discuss but couldn't really come up with anything so you are my guinea pigs again this week. As always, comments are appreciated, as long as they portray me as a gifted writer :o) Okay, here it goes...

I Know that Joey Loves Me ~

I know that Joey loves me
each and every day of the week.
I know that Joey loves me
even though he cannot speak.

I know he loves me on Monday
when I kiss his little cheek
He doesn't turn his head away ~
it's a great way to start my week.

I know he loves me on Tuesday
when I get him up for school.
He smiles, laughs, and claps his hands ~
I think this is pretty cool.

I know he loves me on Wednesday
when we go see Sparky the horse.
He is very happy when we go there ~
this brings on more smiles, of course.

I know he loves me on Thursday
when we go to therapy.
He really loves to go there
and is as happy as can be.

I know he loves me on Friday
when we are playing a game or two.
He takes my hand so gently
to show me what he wants to do.

I know he loves me on Saturday
when it's time to take a bath.
He could stay in there forever~
he loves to splish and splash.

I know he loves me on Sunday
when he calls me "mama" loud and clear.
And when I kneel down to pray
I thank God for bringing him here.

Copyright 2008 by Rachelle Riedmiller


  1. THAT is beautiful!!!!!!!!!! thank you for sharing.

  2. Another beautiful poem!!! Thanks for sharing these :-)


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