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Friday, September 5, 2008

Friday's Fencepost #2...an experiment in poetry

For my second edition of Friday's Fencepost, I am going to use our visitors in a little experiment and try out a poem I wrote. I love to dabble with poetry, and try to write some for special occasions or moments in our life. This is a new one, hot off the presses, from when I was feeling a little low the other day. Hopefully it will be painless for you to read, and will only take a couple minutes, I promise. Let me know what you think - feedback is appreciated as long as it makes me look good! lol :)


Today I find myself crying
For reasons that are yet unclear.
Maybe it's for nothing or everything
Or maybe some unknown fear.
Maybe it's for my kids or your kids
Or all kids, all kinds.
Maybe it's for the piles of dirty laundry
Or because I have dusty blinds.
Maybe it's for the way things used to be
Or the way they are today.
Maybe it's for how fast time flies
Or the things we're afraid to say.
Maybe it's for the past
And the way I thought things would be.
Or maybe it's for the future
And all its uncertainty.
Maybe it's for my weaknesses
Or my strengths - I can't be sure.
Or maybe because I have the knowledge
That through all things - love endures.
Today I find myself crying
But I'll count my blessings and pray
Tomorrow will be much brighter
I'll just take it day by day.

Copyright Rachelle Riedmiller 2008


  1. THAT IS A BEAUFTIFUL POEM!!!!!!!!! an echo from us all, i am certain. beautiful!

  2. You always amaze me with your talents, grace, and wisdom.

  3. A wonderful poem!

    Day by day and step by step is what I was blogging about today too.

  4. Beautiful poem Rachelle!! You have a gift with words. I hope you'll share more of your poetry with us in future posts!

  5. That was beautiful. You managed to capture my feelings perfectly. You are quite talented. Thank you, Rachelle.

  6. So beautiful! This brought tears to my eyes; I love it! I think you have a true talent for poetry, thanks for sharing this!

  7. that is beautiful rachelle...I can relate to your words.

    thank you for the inspriation!

  8. Love it! You are a woman of many talents! Joey and the gang are very lucky to have a Mom/wife like you!


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