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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thursday 13 - Week 11 Edition K

This week I contemplated skipping my Thursday 13 post because I was fearful of the letter "K". I think it might prove to be a little difficult. But for my loyal Thursday 13 fans (and you know who you both are!) I decided to push my fears aside and give it my best shot. On with the party!

1. Kindergarten - Can you believe Joey will start Kindergarten in the fall? This August will actually be the beginning of our 3 year Kindergarten run - Joey in 2009, Emma in 2010, and Abbie in 2011. Then John will graduate from high school in 2012!

2. Krusty Krab - The home of many of Sponge Bob's adventures!

3. Kite - The last time I flew a kite was several years ago.

4. Kitten - We have had all 3 of our cats since they were kittens. Casey is 11 years and Reggie and Blackie are 2 years.

5. King - Shawn thinks he is the king of the castle. But we all know who is really in charge around here. It's Emma.

6. Kids - We have 5!

7. Kentucky - I've never been but I would love to visit someday!

8. Kmart - We don't have one in the town we live in. All we have is a good old Super Walmart. The closest Kmart is probably 60 miles away.

9. Kisses - I could smother my kids' cheeks with kisses all day long if they would let me!

10. Kiwi - Abbie just came up to me with her watermelon pj's on and the word kiwi popped into my head. Personally I don't eat kiwi but I'm sure there are some fans of it out there in blogland!

11. Koala - We have seen these cute little bears at the zoo!

12. Kitchen - Someday I would love to remodel my kitchen!

13. Kitembilla - This is our random K word this week. It is a maroon-purple gooseberry-like fruit of India having tart-sweet purple pulp used especially for preserves; small shrubby spiny tree cultivated for its maroon-purple fruit with sweet purple pulp tasking like gooseberries; Sri Lanka and India

Hope you enjoyed my little corner of the alphabet this week! Come back next week for loads of L word fun!


  1. OMG, Joey's going to kindergarten! Will he have half or full days? How exciting!

    Justine :o )

  2. Great list! I would never had known you struggled with K!

    I smother my kids with kisses all day every day. It is a prerequisite for being my kid.

    Have a great weekend!!!

  3. KINDERGARTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow! that will be huge! i cannot wait to read how he does! :)

  4. Wonderful list! I love Kiwi and I so want a kitchen remodel too!


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