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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day Dad...

Dear Dad,
I am writing this to wish you a Happy Father's Day. I think about you every day. Things have not been the same since you have been gone. Mom is doing okay but she misses you terribly. She is always talking about you and sharing memories. She isn't the same anymore either - none of us are. Andrea, Eric and I have been taking good care of her and I just wanted to let you know that. I keep busy taking care of the kids - their schedules are hectic but we manage. Baseball season will be over soon then things will slow down a little. Andrea has been off work for awhile - she had to have surgery for carpel tunnel syndrome and will go back soon. Eric started farming in the spring and really likes it. He and Sherry are building a new house soon. The grandkids are all fine - growing up way too fast. Since you have been gone, Tommie turned 13, Baby Aubree had her first birthday, Emma is 4 now, Joey is 5 and Abbie celebrated her 3rd birthday. Cooper will turn 2 soon and John will be 16 next month - can you believe it? We visit you often and mom chose a beautiful headstone for your new home. You would definately approve. I know you are watching over us and keeping us all safe. Rest in peace Dad. We love you and miss you.

Love, Rachelle

In loving memory of Richard Lawson September 30, 1939 - January 14, 2009

God Wouldn't Wait

We wanted to keep you longer
But God just wouldn't wait.
Is it supposed to make us stronger?
Will we ever have answers of your fate?
We knew the time would come some day
And no one ever knows when.
We can't waste time wondering
Or thinking of what might have been.
Dad, you were a special man
Unique- as some would say.
We loved your sense of humor
And your funny, quirky ways.
We know that you are healthy now,
Better than before.
God chose to end your suffering
You will be strong forever more.
For now please walk beside us,
Guide us on our way
Until God decides He just can't wait
And we meet again one day.


  1. Rachelle - this is a beautful post...so honest and written straight for your daddy! I am sorry you have to have a first father's day without him...

    It was good to see you today, very sweet of you to come visit! I told Chad after you left that you are such a special "mom" - it is a pleasure to know you and I feel honored that you were able to visit...thank you!

  2. Rachelle - such a touching post! I'm sure yesterday was tough on everyone. Talk about him often and keep the memories fresh.

  3. {{{{{{{{{{{{Rachelle}}}}}}}}}}}} This was so beautiful. I love that you wrote it knowing your dad would see your words, feel your love.

    Justine :o )


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