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Monday, February 9, 2009

Joey goes to high school....

A friend of mine is a teacher in a nearby town and asked if I would come and speak to a couple of her classes about Cornelia de Lange Syndrome and our experiences we have had raising Joey. Of course I agreed and off we went to high school! It went really well and the kids were really interested. They asked a lot of great questions and I passed out CdLS pencils and bookmarks. He was really well behaved ~ thankfully there were some Legos there he could play with. As you can see from the pictures he had quite a fan club!

Thanks to Mollie for the opportunity to spread awareness about CdLS. We had a great time!


  1. how awesome!! i think that EVERY highschool should do something like that. what a wonderful way to spread awareness!! and the kids seem so open! LOVE IT!

  2. That is so great Rachelle! What a good opportunity to get CdLS awareness out there...I'm sure you and Joey inspired some of those kiddos!

  3. I agree with Misty. I think every student should be exposed to people with differences. I imagine a better world if that happened. I wonder what other specifics about this trip. Would you think about doing this in middle, elementary schools?

    I thought about asking CLB's preschool to do the leaps of love, but then I wasn't sure if he was ready to have this kind of attention on his brother. He knows Blue is different, but certainly hasn't paid attention to our conversations about CdLS, so I was just not sure if now was the time...

  4. What an amazing opportunity for these High school students.
    The lessons they learned just by getting to know Joey for a short time will stick with them forever.
    He looks like he had a fun time as well.

  5. What an awesome opportunity to raise awareness! Way to go Rachelle! :-)

    Joey looks quite content surrounded by lovely girls :-) And of course he's such a cutie, who could resist!

  6. awesome!

    good for you! glad joey had such a good time!

  7. And notice that it's all GIRLS surrounding him! LOL

    Justine :o )

  8. That is so neat. I'm glad you were able to do that. It looks like the students enjoyed it just as much as Joey!! I'm surprised you didn't say anything about it today but.... there's alot going on too. Take care.

  9. WOW! you are really doing a great job spreading the word!!!!!! I am glad it went good!


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