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Monday, February 23, 2009

A day at Uncle Dale's...

Hello Monday! We have been doing okay ~ got Joey on an antibiotic for his sinus infection which is clearing up nicely. We are busy as usual ~ sometimes I don't know if we are coming or going! Friday night Shawn & I had a big night ~ we went to Walmart and to the local home builder's show. (just dreaming ~ and picking up free pens!) Sounds pretty exciting right! Well, at least we got out of the house together without any children. On Sunday we went to my Uncle Dale's (my mom's brother) and Aunt Lois's house in Blair to see my Aunt Marlene (my mom's sister) and Uncle Fred who are visiting from Minnesota. We had a terrific dinner and it was great to see them. Our whole crew went, along with my mom and my sister Andrea & Cooper. It made for quite an exciting trip! The following pictures are from Sunday ~ enjoy!

Lois, Dale, Fred, Marlene, Paul, Carol (my mom's other sister) and my mom (Janet)

Joey and Aunt Marlene playing pat-a-cake

Joey getting some lovin' from Aunt Carol

Cooper loves shoes!

Aunt Nanny, Emma & Abbie

Emma strikes a pose...

Fred, Shawn, Joey, & Greg (my cousin JoAnn's husband)

Carol, Janet, Marlene & JoAnn (my cousin)

Joey gets a little walking help from Aunt Carol...

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  1. Seeing family is always so much fun!! And anytime you have with your spouse if good!!


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