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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Rain, rain, go away....and Happy Birthday Abbie!

Well, another weekend has passed and again it was one we didn't quite expect. If this rain would ever go away, maybe summer could go onlike it's supposed to. Tommie's team was to play in a baseball tournament in Kearney over Memorial weekend and that was cancelled due to...RAIN! John's team was to play their first game in a Milford Tournament on Friday evening that was cancelled due to guess what...RAIN! They were able to get in 3 games on Saturday, advancing to tournament play on Sunday. They got the first game in on Sunday at 5p.m., winning a chance to play in the championship game at 7p.m. - which got postponed until Monday due to ... you guessed it...RAIN! So we spent a lot of time traveling back and forth between Columbus and Milford which actually isn't too long of a trip. Although if you consider we left Columbus on Saturday with the little ones at 1:00p.m. and didn't return until 1:00a.m., it was kind of a long day (the last game started at 9:30p.m.) Luckily, Nikki was available on Monday to watch the kids, which was great because I don't think Shawn and I would have survived a third trip with the whole family. Unfortunately, John's team lost the championship game, finishing second in the tournament. John and Tommie were both supposed to play games for their city teams on Tuesday evening, but they were cancelled due to more...RAIN! John was scheduled to play tonight, but the game was cancelled because the fields are wet from too much RAIN! We managed to sneak in a quick birthday party for Abbie on Saturday morning -- she was blowing out candles on her ice cream cake at 9:30a.m. -- no one minded - heck, we were eating ice cream for breakfast! I can't believe my baby is 2 years old! My signal to sign off has come...The girls are fighting and calling each other "coffee-cats" (translation I believe is "copy-cats") and Joey and Cooper have been playing quietly for a few minutes so I better see what's up. The adventure continues....

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