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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween adventures...

Halloween has passed. Setting the clocks back an hour has passed. 23 days til Thanksgiving. Only 51 shopping days left til Christmas. Is it just me or is 2009 getting away from all of us? I feel like everything is happening in the blink of an eye! We had a lot of activities we took part in for Halloween. Our local downtown businesses had a trick or treat day. We went to a Halloween Carnival in a neighboring town. Our church hosted a Halloween party for kids. Joey and the girls had classroom parties. The day before Halloween, I successfully managed to get 1 eighth grade science project, 1 crocodile, 2 princesses, 2 teenagers, 12 teacher treats and 68 kid treats out the door by 7:45a.m. Yay for me! I also sported my orange light up Halloween shirt and helped out with Joey's kindergarten party. And don't forget the good old fashioned trick or treating. We have enough candy in our home to feed an army 3 square candy meals a day for several weeks to come. I also found a new favorite - Reese's Fast Break. Chocolate, peanut butter and soft nougat. It is yummy! But of course I didn't figure that out by sneaking into the kid's candy when no one is home! I would never, ever do that!

Here we are at a Halloween party at our church. There were all kinds of games to play!

Joey wore the same costume he wore last year...it still fits and it keeps him warm when we are trick or treating! We will have to see if it sticks around for a third year!

Emma wore a mermaid outfit and Abbie wore a Snow White dress...they wanted to save their princess costumes for their school party and trick or treating.

That's Tommie under the hoop - he was helping at the basketball game station

Ready for trick or treating! Princess Emma in pink and Princess Abbie in purple! She claimed she was still Snow White - just dressed for a party!

Caught a couple shots of Joey walking in his crocodile suit...

Tried to get them to stand still together for a picture...

The boys took them trick or treating to our neighbor's house. Right after this the boys took off to be with their friends. We weren't cool enough to hang out with I guess!

I went and helped at Joey's kindergarten Halloween party! Put on my orange light up Halloween shirt and had fun with the kids. Joey is at the end of the table with his para having a cookie.

Here's Joey class in their costumes...they got to parade around to the other kindergarten classrooms.


  1. super cute Rachelle!!! looks like a great time had by all.

    and shame on you mom, for eating their candy. I would NEVER sneak 3 fun-sized snicker bars from Charli's candy bag while she napped and eat them in the kitchen before Chad caught me...and bury the wrapers under old trash. NEVER. tisk-tisk. ;-)

  2. I don't know how you did it all, but it sure looks fun. Love the picture of the kids all together. So cute!

    Justine :o )

  3. Great pics!! The statistics are a bit starling! I'm impressed. Im sure the candy went to good use!! Those princesses were darling!! Joey was such a BIG dinosaur!


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