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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The day the fair came to town...

There are two things that happen in the summertime that I am happy to participate in.... and ecstatic when they are over! lol One of them is the 4th of July and the other is the fair. As you know, the 4th is over. The fair came to town last week so that is another summer milestone that has passed. Where is the time going? John will turn 16 in two weeks, baseball season is winding down and soon we will be shopping for school supplies. (Don't tell the older boys I mentioned the dreaded "S" word!) We had a good time at the fair - 5 hours and $5000 later everybody was tired but happy. Okay, we didn't quite spend $5000 but it sure seemed like it! For example, a couple orders of chicken strips and two slushies for the girls only set us back $18! Don't even get me started on what Tommie paid for some Dippin' Dots! Gotta love those spiral spuds smothered in cheese! I would pay anything for those! John tried something new this year - fried Oreos. I kid you not. They fry anything these days. Unfortunately I didn't get to try one cause he was with his friends when he got them but he said they were really good. I will have to try those next year. Yeah, yeah I know - complain and then head back for more. Will I ever learn? lol The boys spent most of the time with their friends - it's uncool to be seen with the old folks you know. The girls had a blast - Emma wasn't afraid of anything this year. Tommie took her on the big ferris wheel while Abbie waited below crying her eyes out cause she was too short to go with them. She was able to get on the bumper cars with them so that made up for it. Joey tolerated everything pretty well. We had never had him on any rides until this year. He liked the merry-go-round but wouldn't sit on one of the horses so Shawn rode with him on a bench. We got him on some race cars and he wasn't too impressed with those but I think he had fun too. All in all, good times and great memories!

Joey and Daddy on the race cars...

The girls are in on the action too...

Ever seen an alligator roller coaster?

Tommie and Abbie coming down the big slide...

Emma went down by herself this year!

Good old Merry-go-Round!

Joey didn't want to sit on a horse...

so he settled for the bench...

Gotta ride the train!

Here chickie, chickie, chickie!

Got one!

Joey wasn't too impressed with the ducks...

No Emma - we are not bringing home another cat!

Round and round goes the swing...

Can't go to the fair without riding the bumper cars! Here's Tommie and Abbie...

Tanner took Emma...

Tommie and Emma are on here somewhere...she wasn't afraid of anything this year!


  1. Okay, that looks like a super fun fair! You guys in Nebraska must have WAY better fairs than us!

  2. looks like you all had a great time...even Joey!

  3. Looks like lots of fun was had by all! It's so great the way your older kids help out with the littles!

    Justine :o )

  4. you are SO great about making sure you get pictures -- I am getting worse and worse by the week :-(

    I am going to be at Wiggles on Thursday...hope to see you, are you still coming in on Thursdays?! Everything will be so NEW to me when I get back!!

  5. I'm jealous. We don't have fairs here:( It look like soooooo much fun!

  6. I'm glad no one lost their blankie's at the fair this year!!


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