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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday 13 ~ Week 2 Edition "B"

What’s the Thursday 13?
The Thursday 13 is a weekly meme with a simple theme: each Thursday you blog a list of 13 things. What kind of things? Any kind! Just come up with a list theme and run with it. One week you may list “13 things on my mind” and maybe the next week you’d list “my top 13 favorite movies”.

Welcome back to Thursday 13. If you missed last week, I started out with the fabulous letter A. This week, we are moving on to ~ you guessed it ~ the letter B. And for those of you that saw the Special Exposure/Wordless Wednesday post from yesterday and are dying to know if I got a new dryer, the answer is yes. If you remember my saga from last fall about clothes hanging to dry for 3 days in my living room, you will know I desparately needed one. Of course we bought one just so the kids could have a huge box to play in. :o) Anyhoo ~ on with the Thursday 13!

1. Bacon ~ Gotta love it!

2. Band Aids ~ Can never have enough of them. They solve a lot of life's little problems!

3. Blanket ~ Shortly before my dad passed away, my mom had ordered him a "Snuggie". You know, the blankets that are like robes or something and you are supposed to be able to do all kinds of things with your arms while staying warm. My favorite part of the commercial is the family at a football game and they are all sporting their Snuggies. ;o) And if you buy one you get one free. Can't beat that! Anyway, my dad passed before the Snuggies arrived. Also mom ended up with 4, not just the two she anticipated. Go figure. And 4 handy dandy "free" booklights. Last week, I brought home two of the Snuggies. One for John (whose room is in the basement) and the other for whoever got to it first. Emma was the lucky one and she now lovingly refers to the blue Snuggie as her "Nuggie".

4. Basagna ~ I happen to be making lasagna for supper tonight. It always reminds me of Tommie when he was little. For the longest time, he always called lasagna "basagna". Coincidently, Abbie just told me a few minutes ago "Mommy, the basagna smells good!" It runs in the family I guess.

5. Blackie ~ the name of one of our cats. Original, I know. The funny thing is, he's orange. Just kidding ~ he really is black.

6. Blonde ~ All of the kids have blonde hair. Out of 5, I figured at least one would have black hair since my hubby's hair is black. Although it is mostly gray now. ;o)

7. Baseball ~ Tis the season. John has already had 3 JV games and Tommie is scheduled for a double header on Saturday.

8. Barefoot ~ A lot of CdLS kiddos prefer to be barefoot and don't like the restricted feeling of shoes. Not Joey. He does spend a lot of time in the house barefoot but he prefers to have his shoes on. He does a lot of great standing and taking steps with his shoes and braces on.

9. Batman and Barbies ~ Two of Emma's favorite toys. That makes them Abbie's favorites too. But she is taking a strong liking to Superman.

10. Baths ~ Joey used to hate them, now he loves them. He's come a long way, baby.

11. Bottles ~ Still washing them even though our youngest is almost 3. Joey drinks his Pediasure from a bottle. It's the only way he will drink the whole amount he needs too.

12. Blogging ~ Love, love, love it. I am grateful for all the friends I've made in Blogland.

13. Bacciferous ~ a random B word. It means "bearing berries". And that concludes the learning portion of today's post.


  1. you make me laugh!!! i love your blog :-)

  2. Great post again! i'm glad you got a new dryer!!! I'm sure it's worth it's weight in gold to have dry clothes!

    Those snuggies, everyone wants one even though they are just backwards robes :)

    I would also love some basagna. :)

  3. Hey, I've got the original Slanket, which is better than your Snuggies! I think. That's what Jill told me when she bought it for me in any case!
    You almost got me with Blackie being orange. LOL

    Justine :o )

  4. WOO HOO THE SNUGGIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! er..a ... the NUGGIE LOL! :)

    i think that i might start doing this next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it looks like fun! i cannot wait to start my alphabet! :)

    i really hope that one day mason likes his baths like joey! tonight mike took him into the shower with him (sorry if that is too much info LOL). he didn't cry very much, and it was a lot faster..but we can't do that forever. he is strong for being so little...

    ok, hopefully i remember to get to this next week. i hope that you don't mind if i copy your alphabet theme!!

    have a wonderful weekend!

  5. I love this, I really need to give it a try :-) Number 4 made me laugh - we love Basagna and Pasghetti at our house, lol!!

  6. What a fun blog!
    I love the the Basagna comment.

    Jacob loves his bath too. He likes hot baths, I think it gets his muscles relaxed for the day.

    Love the berry picture and I learned a new word as well :)

    Jacob hates wearing shoes and socks but he will keep them on when he goes out.

    Fun Post!


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