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Friday, March 6, 2009

Joey, a sweater vest and Velma


Joey and Emma had spring pictures at school today. I dressed Joey in his cute little sweater vest and Emma in a pretty dress. Never mind that my oldest John thought Joey's sweater vest looked girly ~ I happen to think it's adorable. Unfortunately Emma shed her dress before I could get her picture. She always takes her clothes off as soon as she gets home from school and wants shorts and a t-shirt on no matter what the weather is like outside. Anyway, the batteries in my camera are dead so I grabbed the video camera and caught Joey on the couch having a high time with Velma. I'm surprised he sat still this long ~ for him it's a record cause he sat there playing a lot longer than the video actually is. Shaggy better watch out cause Mr. Joe is in the house!


  1. I happen to love vests on little boys. We wear them every year for easter and often for Christmas too! Thanks for sharing the video!

    Hope you have a nice weekend. :)

  2. very cute video! and i love the sound effects in the background LOL!

    i love to see what joey does. i can see so much of all of our little ones in him!! his face, mannerisms, eyes... everything. it's as if i know him personally!! he melts my heart! and velma got her time in the spotllight! take that Daphene!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!

  3. I love the sweater vest, he looks so handsome!!!

    Cute video! I'm always amazed at our kids similarities...Jessica makes that exact same hand gesture (hand by her cheek with fingers spread).

  4. He looks really cute... but very ready to get down to play!

  5. I like the sweater vest. Very preppy.

  6. He looks so handsome in his vest!! Thank you for following our blog!!

  7. I think that is the most handsome vest ever! He looks great!

  8. Rachelle, Joey is so handsome!! I love that he just sat there so nice for you to video...what a precious moment!

  9. I love his outfit! I really enjoyed Joey's video, he has such an adorable voice.


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