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Friday, August 15, 2008

4 down, 1 to go...

School has started! And 4 of the 5 Riedmiller kids are off to further their education and torment the teachers. The 5th stays behind with mom and cries because she wants to go to "cool" too. Soon enough she will be joining them. We have John, 15, who started his freshman year yesterday. I have no first day of school picture of him yet, as the last two days he left the house at 5:45a.m. and does not return until 7:15p.m. Football practice in the morning and afternoon, with a full day of school in between. Tommie, 12, entered 7th grade. Yesterday, he was out of bed by 6:15a.m., bright eyed, and fired up to go back to school. Today, not so much. Barely up by the time his ride got here at 7:30, the complaints have already begun. Joey, 4, began his 2nd year of preschool yesterday and Emma, 3, her 1st. They are actually at the same school this year, and in the same class. Which is nice because Emma fills me in on everything. Joey has adjusted well, and no tears from Emma on her first day either. So far she loves school which makes taking her a lot easier. All in all, getting all the school supplies, figuring out what they wanted to wear, and who needs to be here or there by what time, is the hectic nightmare I knew it would be. Hopefully in a few days, the kids will be adjusted to the school schedule, and I will be too.

P.S. I want to include something I wrote and sent to school with Joey. His teacher sent it home with his classmates. I paper clipped a CdLS brochure to each one too.

Hi! My name is Joey. I am one of your new classmates in Ms. Smith's class. I am 4 years old just like you, but you might have noticed I am different in some ways too. I was born with Cornelia de Lange Syndrome. I am not sick, I am just taking a little longer to grow and learn some of the things that you already know how to do. I don't know how to walk yet, but I go to a fun place called Wiggles and Giggles and a nice lady called a physical therapist is helping me to learn how to walk. I like to laugh and play with toys and go outside like you do, but I have to crawl to get where I am going. Watch out because I am pretty fast! I don't know how to talk much yet either, but another nice lady called a speech therapist is helping me learn words too. So don't be upset if you talk to me and I don't answer you back, I am still learning how to say things. Sometimes you might see me in a blue chair when I come to school. Don't be afraid, it's just something I can ride in to help me get around better. If you have any questions about me, please ask Ms. Smith and she will help you find out what you want to know about me. I am happy to be your classmate. I know we will have lots of fun together in school!


  1. Hi Rachelle,

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. Parents - you gotta love 'em! We start school on the 25th. Luckily I only have two. I'm sure I'd forget someone if I had as many as you!! My youngest son is also starting the 7th grade. He's not ready to go back yet. This was the first summer he got to stay home and didn't have to go to daycare. He got to sleep in and he's been enjoying spending time with his friends during the day. But, all good things must come to an end. Time to get back in the groove. Can't wait to read more about Joey and the rest of your gang. Have a nice weekend.

  2. wow! back to school is quite and event at your house:). jaiden went back today!! i am a little sad. he is my buddy..:( but i need to let gooooo!!

    that letter to the classmates brought a tear to my eye!! LOL! that is such a good idea. i have a while to wait, but i hope to do something like that for mason.. uuggh.. my chest gets tight just thinking about him going to school at three! but that is soooo cute! thank you for posting that!

  3. Rachelle...the note you sent to school is great, I got the goosebumps reading it! You are doing a great job with raising awareness to your cause, yay for you :-)

  4. Rachelle, thanks for sharing the note you sent to school...I loved it! You have a gift with words :)

    Hope all your kids are enjoying school. School here doesn't start until Sept. 2, I can't wait!!!


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