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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday 5/29/12

Joey had OT with Trisha today. He did a good job matching correct colors. John worked til 2:00 then had to get to the Legion baseball field by 2:15 for hitting practice then off to Hastings for a doubleheader. They won both games - 1st one 5-1 and 2nd one 7-5. John played 1st base both games and was 2 for 4 batting with a single and a double. Tommie left for North Bend at 4:30 for a double header too. His team lost the first game and won the second game. Tommie pitched the whole first game and did a good job. He had 3 hits. Emma and Abbie had a coach-pitch game at 9;00 tonight. They won their game 9-7. They originally went to the field @ 6:15 cause Coach Shawn thought their game was @ 7:00 but he misread the schedule and looked at another teams schedule. Unfortunately, we didn't have a sitter so I stayed home with Joey and Easton as it is too difficult for one person to take them out somewhere by yourself, especially any kind of ball field as Joey is constantly on the move. I was there in spirit though and cheering for everyone from the comfort of home. Good job everybody!


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