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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Santa's sleigh was in the shop...

Santa Claus came to town so we took the kids to see the big arrival. Even the big boys went with us. It made for some great quality family bonding time. He arrived in a horse drawn carriage - we told the girls Santa's sleigh was in the shop and the reindeer were resting up for their big travels on Christmas Eve. The girls were a little scared to sit on Santa's lap - Emma never did and she also did not utter one word of her Christmas wishes to Santa. Abbie got a little more brave - she sat on Santa's lap and told him she wanted a princess for Christmas. She would probably do anything for a new princess! Joey sat on his lap too - he didn't even try to pull on Santa's beard! John and Tommie were good sports and earned a candy cane from Santa.
I was hoping for an awesome picture of all of them with Santa but it was pretty crowded in Santa's tiny house with him, the 7 of us and a lady from the Chamber of Commerce in there. The weather was beautiful and we enjoyed a nice ride in Santa's carriage before we went home.

Here comes Santa Claus...

He's getting closer!

There he is!

Riding in Santa's carriage...

Emma and Abbie were a little shy...

They did get closer but you can't see their faces! Too much light I guess!

Joey liked Santa right away!

Dad and Joey taking a little stroll...

John earned his varsity letter for football!


  1. Ooh, your town looks beautiful, Rachelle!

    Wtg John!!!

    Justine :o )

  2. Such a fun day. How exciting to see Santa!

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