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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Welcome to the revival!

I was sitting here thinking I just feel the need to blog today. Anyone else ever get that feeling? You know the one where you feel like you have something to say but you aren't quite sure what it is or if you find out what it is you want to say you aren't quite sure how to say it? Exactly. So here I am feeling this way today and I think hey - it's Thursday! And what goes with Thursdays? 13 of course! I dig in my blog archives and find my last post of alphabetical Thursday 13 was in June with the letter L. Why did I stop you ask? Well, I'm not quite sure exactly. A lot of things were happening around that time and I guess I kind of lost the enthusiasm for the good old Thursday 13 posts (sometimes entitled Friday's Edition of Thursday 13 if you recall). Now I am thinking to myself if I would have kept up with them and my calculations are correct, I would have, should have, and could have been on the letter X this week. But why dwell on all that - right? So, you are all cordially invited to today's revival of my Thursday 13 posts which occasionally may come on Fridays. And I am not going to start over with the letter A. If you want those wonderful, witty lists you can go dig in my archives. My post, my rules - correct? lol So here we go...fun with the letter M!

1. Mystery - Are any of you familiar with the Dum Dum suckers? You know the little ones that come in a bazillion flavors and nobody every eats the popcorn flavored ones? Anyway, today I grabbed two Dum Dum Suckers for the girls when I picked them up from school. One was blue and one was mystery flavor. You'd think mystery flavor would be fun - right? Not right. Not where Emma and Abbie are concerned. They both wanted blue, Emma ended up with it and Abbie screamed all the way home - "I don't want Mystery Mommy! I want blue!" Note to self: Always take the same colored suckers to the girls. And also: Dear Dum Dum Sucker Company, When packaging your suckers, would you consider putting the same color suckers into different bags? This way my girls won't fight over which color they get and I won't have to pull my hair out. Thank you.

2. Music - Joey loves music! Whether he is playing it or hearing it, music is his thing! He also has quite a good rhytmn when he bangs his hands on stuff!

3. Mopping - Hate it. Totally Shawn's job!

4. Marathon - Team CdLS will be running in the Chicago Marathon on October 11. Please consider donating to my phantom run to help these awesome people out. Visit our donation page by clicking here.

5. Miracle - Miracles are happening every day. Make the most out of them.

6. Motor - We had to get the passenger side electric window fixed on John's car cause it didn't work right. Apparently there is a motor in there that was done for. You'd think this would be fairly inexpensive. That's what I was thinking anyway. $300 later I'm thinking not so much.

7. Macaroni and cheese - One of the few edible items all our kids agree to eat.

8. Mountains - I would love to take a long, relaxing trip to the mountains someday.

9. Missed - Tommie was sick and missed 2 days of school this week. Hopefully it stops there and the rest of us don't get it!

10. Mother - Being a mother is the hardest job I've ever had. But definitely the most rewarding!

11. Montana - The girls love Hannah Montana. We saw the movie this summer - it was actually pretty good! The last movie soundtrack I probably bought was Footloose or Purple Rain. A couple weeks ago I purchased the Hannah Montana Movie soundtrack. What have they done to me???

12. Money - Our two teenage boys seem to think we have a money tree growing in the back yard. News flash boys - money doesn't grow on trees! For example John came home tonight and asked for money to put gas in his car. We ask "Do you have any money?" He says "Yeah - 20 bucks. But I don't want to use it for gas!" Of course not. How silly of us.

13. Madrepore - Our random M word for the week. It means: corals having calcareous skeletons; aggregations of which form reefs and islands.


  1. I hope Tommy is feeling better. I like the vocab word.

  2. ahhh, i love these posts....you always make me laugh - what a great way to end my day!

  3. mac and cheese always a winner for Gianna!

  4. I have missed Thursday 13 - glad it made a come back!

  5. I'm glad you brought this back! I love it! We like mac and cheese too. And mystery pops!

  6. Glad to see the Thursday 13 back in business!! These are fun posts!! :)


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