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Thursday, August 6, 2009

25 random things about Joey...Part 2

I was originally tagged for this challenge and posted it on Facebook. If you are not a part of our CdLS family facebook network, I encourage you to do so. It is a great way to connect with families. I have completely enjoyed learning new things about the other CdLS kiddos this week and wanted to post Joey's list on our blog too in case some of you are not on facebook. Some of the similiarities between Joey and his CdLS brothers and sisters is remarkable. Thank you to everyone for sharing their information and their pictures. Their smiles just make my day!

So here goes, a new random 25 .... you now the drill - if I tagged you, its because I am interested in getting to know you and your child better. If you decide to post your own 25, please tag me.

1. Joey loves light switches. If he sees a light switch, you can bet he will turn it on. (And off, and on, and off...you get the idea!) If he can't reach it, he will find a way to get to it! :o)

2. Joey has a very sweet disposition. Most of the time he is content and happy with the exception of an occasional melt down.

3. Joey turned 5 in April. He is 3rd in the line of 5 children. He has two older brothers ages 16 and 13. He also has two younger sisters, ages 4 and 3.

4. Fortunately, Joey is healthy. Despite a sinus infection here and there, he has never had any serious health issues except for reflux. He had a fundoplication in January 2008 which did wonders for him.

5. Joey weighed 7 lbs., 1 oz. when he was born which is pretty good size for a child born with CdLS. We had no previous indication anything was wrong with him until the day after his birth. He now weighs 30 lbs.

6. Joey is in his third season of equine therapy. He rides a horse once a week from May thru October. He really enjoys it!

7. Joey has physical therapy twice a week, occupational therapy twice a week and also speech therapy twice a week. He has been going to the same therapy facility since he was 8 months old. The girls are wonderful with him! He always looks forward to going.

8. Joey will start kindergarten in a couple weeks. He had one year of preschool/playschool when he was 3 and one year of preschool when he was four. I am nervous for him to start kindergarten but I know he will be in good hands.

9. Joey doesn't have any hearing or vision problems. His hands and feet are small but proportionate with the rest of his body.

10. Joey likes to figure things out. He is always trying to find the easiest way to get something done. When we put new batteries in one of his toys, he always likes to use the screwdriver and he knows exactly what to do with it.

11. Joey loves music. I have lost track of how many keyboards he has. Of course not all them them have new batteries at the same time. I should own stock in Duracell!

12. Joey loves Legos. He likes to put them together, take them apart and make towers on his Lego table.

13. Joey likes to wear his shoes and braces. Usually the only way he will stand and walk is if he has his shoes on. He started walking on his own a few weeks ago (yay!!) but is still a little unsteady. He walks on his terms - just like everything else he likes to do.

14. His favorite song is The Ants Go Marching. If he is crabby or if there is something we want him to do, we sing this song and it works wonders!

15. Joey loves to be outside. This hasn't always been the case. He's come a long way!

16. Joey likes to have his head scratched. Right on the top towards his forehead. It helps calm him down if he is upset.

17. The only word Joey says is Mama. He can communicate his needs by emotions and gestures. If he wants something he will take our hand and pull it towards what he wants. He is very good with the Picture Exchange Communication System and recently started working with a DynaVox.

18. Joey is a little ladies man. Every woman or girl he meets falls in love with him. He has a lot of lady friends! :o)

19. Joey dislikes having his picture taken. Once in awhile we can get a good one of him but if we are trying to take a family picture or something he doesn't usually cooperate too well.

20. Joey is very strong. Stronger than you would think he would be because of his small size. And boy does he have quick hands! He is also the fastest knee walker you will ever see!

21. Joey has become very social. I think going to school really helped that. He used to want to be by himself all the time. Now he prefers to be where all the action is.

22. Joey is a great teacher. I have learned so much from him. Patience, understanding, trust, love...the list goes on and on. I am a much better person because he is in my life.

23. Joey is very observant. If something is different or has changed, you can bet he will notice it right away.

24. I am grateful for all of the wonderful people we have met because of Joey. He has enriched our lives so much it is unbelievable. I can't imagine my life any other way.

25. We are so happy to be a part of the CdLS family. I don't know what we would do without everyone's support. It makes each day better to know all of you are out there for us. :o)

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